Everyday Heroes Writing Response

Margaree Crosby

Margaree Crosby had many experiences that helped her get the career that she wanted.  One experience was when she tried to go to the public library.  That taught Crosby about doing things herself because nobody was taking actions against the racism surrounding them.  At the library, she also learned to be determined.  Margaree Crosby stood up to the librarian and eventually gained the right for blacks to be in the library. Another experience was at school.  Having to pass the closest school, which was a white school, Crosby learned that more people need schools and an education.  As Margaree learned about these things, she took actions that led her to success.  All these experiences helped Margaree Crosby get her career and reach her dream.

Mikel Foster

Deejay Tee shouldn’t have said that most children would fail.  By saying that, it crushed the little children’ spirits.  Since Deejay Tee told everyone about drugs and other bad things, most will give into Deejay Tee’s prediction and not rebel against it.  Some students will even try to make his prediction true.  Deejay Tee said, “Most of you won’t make it.  If you do, almost all of you will do drugs, smoke, or become mothers when you are teenagers.”  Mikel Foster only rebelled against him because she wanted to be good.  She was one of the only students who survived everything that Deejay Tee predicted.

Benjamin Carson, M.D

Once, I did something nobody could in my first grade class.  My substitute, Ms.Seto, was asking who knew all the days of the week in order.  I knew it but was too shy to raise my hand.  Nobody else raised their hand either because they didn’t know it.  Everyone looked around with uneasy glances.  Then, I slowly raised my hand.  Ms.Seto called on me and I said the days from Sunday to Saturday while all my classmates watched.  Some of them were surprised that I raised my hand, but nobody was surprised I got the right answer.  Inside, I was bursting with pride.  Ms.Seto held out a sticker sheet with smiley faces on them.  I went up and got them and when I sat down, I looked like all fifteen of those smiley faces.