The End of School Year

The end of the school year has come!  Soon summer will start, and the weather will heat up.  This means no homework, and going to the beach and the pool all the time!!  This is great, but one thing is bad about the end of school.  I will not see my friends for a while.  Besides that fact, summer going to be awesome!

Now, leave me a comment that includes the following:

  • if you’ve been waiting for the end of school, or dreading it
  • if you will miss anyone during the summer
  • if you will go on vacation somewhere this summer and where (not exactly where, just in general)
  • if you will have fun this year

Please respond, and I hope you will all say, “yes” to the last question!!!!

A Riddle

Try to figure this out.  The letter key is on the bottom.

20 6 4 19 4 21 of the     20 10 19 6 15 20 is one of my favorite books.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26  1

a b c d  e f  g  h  i   j   k    l   m  n  o   p   q   r   s    t    u   v   w   x    y   z

Have fun figuring this out!  Now you know one of my favorite books!

Reading More

Children aren’t reading enough.  In fact, 25% of all children only read when they are forced.*  44% of all children don’t even read fluently.**  Also, 20% of children don’t even know how to read.  That only leaves about half of the kids that are good at reading or are meeting the standards, because some of these statistics overlap.  This is very, very sad because reading has many benefits.  These benefits include more opportunities, learning, and even entertainment.

Children can learn from books.  In history books, people can learn about past mistakes and try to avoid them.  For example, there are many wars that everybody has learned from.   People are taught about these wars in schools and are taught how to avoid being in that situation again.  Also, some books may teach other things such as different strategies.  One is example is learning how to bring family closer together.  Another example is how to not upset people as much, or how to make people want to do things for you.  Books can really help with learning.

Another way that books can help is that they can open more opportunities.  Reading helps form a stronger mind.  A stronger mind can comprehend more, making more opportunities open to a child or many children.  These opportunities include a nicer home, a better neighborhood, better jobs, and the ability to rise above some bad situations.  From learning in books, children can have better jobs.  If the children are poor, but then are educated, the jobs will be better and the children, in the long run, will have more money.  With more money comes nicer houses and better neighborhoods.  Of course, if the child isn’t poor, then reading will still help him or her just as much.

From books, I personally think that the best part about reading a book is enjoying it.  The best part is really the entertainment to me because it is really fun to read.  Most children, however, don’t enjoy books because they unfortunately don’t read enough or haven’t really been exposed to reading and books.  Children should start to read young so that they will grow up to love books.  This will get children away for the television and will be educational but fun.  Books can be just fun stories, or have morals hidden in them.  Fun is really why a person should read, and more people should read early in life.

So, why shouldn’t children read more books?  Books can help with almost everything and can be really be fun to read.  Books will help with studying, vocabulary, money, learning, and much more.  They can help people make there way in the world, and they usually do.  Books can be found almost anywhere.  They are in the library, and in many shops.  There are even books on line that you can order and buy, but the library is the easiest way to borrow one or two.  So, help your child, friend or sibling.  Get them a book.

* Thomson, Alex. “Why Our Children Can’t Read.” Channel 4 News.  Channel 4 News, October 22, 2007.  Web. 8 June 2010 <
** “Reading Literacy & Education Statistics.” The Literacy Company. The Literacy Company, June 7, 2012 Web. June 2012.<

My School Nomination!

I think that, of the blogs in my school, the one Blog that I think is the best is….


I loved her background, and the bright greenish-yellow lit up her page.  Jazmin had two pets, both adorable and, well…

GREEN.   On her blog is a lot of informational writing too, and even a few, fun poems.  Also on Jazmin’s blog are pictures, like the one of the world from OUTER SPACE.  Jazmin’s blog has lots of widgets and is lots of fun.  Her writing is very exciting and also shows how she feels about things.  This blog is one of my favorites.  Why not check it out for yourself?  (Nominate blogs HERE!)

My Second Nomination

My second nomination is…..


Desiree has lots of cool stuff on her blog.  Even without a virtual pet, her blog is extremely interesting.  All the posts, and there are a lot, all talk about things that many can relate to.  The background is a wonderful combination of BLACK and bright GREEN.  Her posts show what her attitude is like, and how she spends her freetime.  This blog is awesome.  Why not go and see for yourself?   (Nominate blogs at the Student Challenge webpage)

My Class Blog Nomination

For my Class Blog Nomination, I chose…


This blog is for my homeroom class, but I didn’t chose this blog just because my teacher made it.  I chose it for what is on the blog.  This blog is awesome, with a LOT of posts!!  I mean a lot!  Also, we have a virtual class pet, Purrrrinceton, who is very, very fun to feed and play with.  There are plenty of games, and the background is awesome, too.  The background is a WHITE color with a photo of me and the rest of the homeroom class.  There are lots of wonderful widgets with plenty of pictures and even some very interesting news reports.  Why not check out this awesome blog yourself?  (To Nominate blogs, click HERE)

Everyday Heroes Writing Response

Margaree Crosby

Margaree Crosby had many experiences that helped her get the career that she wanted.  One experience was when she tried to go to the public library.  That taught Crosby about doing things herself because nobody was taking actions against the racism surrounding them.  At the library, she also learned to be determined.  Margaree Crosby stood up to the librarian and eventually gained the right for blacks to be in the library. Another experience was at school.  Having to pass the closest school, which was a white school, Crosby learned that more people need schools and an education.  As Margaree learned about these things, she took actions that led her to success.  All these experiences helped Margaree Crosby get her career and reach her dream.

Mikel Foster

Deejay Tee shouldn’t have said that most children would fail.  By saying that, it crushed the little children’ spirits.  Since Deejay Tee told everyone about drugs and other bad things, most will give into Deejay Tee’s prediction and not rebel against it.  Some students will even try to make his prediction true.  Deejay Tee said, “Most of you won’t make it.  If you do, almost all of you will do drugs, smoke, or become mothers when you are teenagers.”  Mikel Foster only rebelled against him because she wanted to be good.  She was one of the only students who survived everything that Deejay Tee predicted.

Benjamin Carson, M.D

Once, I did something nobody could in my first grade class.  My substitute, Ms.Seto, was asking who knew all the days of the week in order.  I knew it but was too shy to raise my hand.  Nobody else raised their hand either because they didn’t know it.  Everyone looked around with uneasy glances.  Then, I slowly raised my hand.  Ms.Seto called on me and I said the days from Sunday to Saturday while all my classmates watched.  Some of them were surprised that I raised my hand, but nobody was surprised I got the right answer.  Inside, I was bursting with pride.  Ms.Seto held out a sticker sheet with smiley faces on them.  I went up and got them and when I sat down, I looked like all fifteen of those smiley faces.

Technology in 2025

In 2025, many countless new things will and can be invented.  One thing I think may be invented is a new type of power plant.  This power plant will be “smart” as well as energy efficient and “green.”  The new type of power plant I believe will be invented can turn itself on and off.  This will be wonderful to have because sometimes a power plant isn’t needed and it will not turn off.  People can’t just appear and have jobs just to turn it off and on, so this power plant will do it automatically.  Instead of wasting precious power, the machine will shut itself down and turn back on when more power is needed.

In many refineries, power plants run without stopping and without saving energy.  Many companies and people will want these new inventions because saving energy is saving money and even making a little money, too.  If a company sells energy, then energy must not be wasted.  Less energy is wasted with these new power plants because the precious energy not needed is not created by turning off the power plant.  Making energy does take some energy which is like taking money.  Nobody likes losing money and with the machines running all the time more repairs are needed.  These new products will not waste money like the old ones.  In fact, they will save money.  The new power pants will even make more energy with makes more money.

My new inventions will also be eco green.  This power plant will top the others because it will stop global warming.  One source that it will run on is the solar-powered panels that will surround it.  Solar panels will cover the power plant, creating energy from the sunlight without creating the greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide or CO2.

In the power plant, other green power sources will also be used.  Depending on the location of the power plant, the power plant will use hydroelectric and thermal power.  Hydroelectric power will be used if the power plant is close to a river that does not dry up.  This will use the water to create electricity.  Thermal power will be used is the power plant is close to or in an area near a volcano.  By sending water underground to be heated up, electricity will be made.

Another power source is wind power.  Wind will be made into electricity by using turbines to catch the wind.  At night, it is usually windy so wind power will be used and during the day, the power plant will use solar power.  Wind turbines will go in- between the solar panels and not waste any space.  The wind turbines will be placed all around the power plant.

One last energy source that does not produce CO2 and create global warming is nuclear power.  When the water is heated up, it turns into steam, which will generate electricity that can be used.  Because it does not create carbon dioxide, it is helping the Earth in the fight against global warming.

The smart power plant will use several of these sources of energy depending on where the power plant is and what the weather is like.  The smart power plant will choose which of these power sources it will use automatically.  It can use more than one power source at the same time without anyone having to tell it what to do.

Hopefully, in 2025 the “Multi-Green” power plant will be invented.  This power plant will be very efficient and, of course, very green.  It will use multiple sources of green power to generate power and will automatically turn itself off and on when needed.

Being Shy

I was shy, from preschool to where I am now, middle school. It’s a weird feeling, being shy. It restricts you and makes some things impossible, but yet being shy can help sometimes. Home is the only place where I can let all my happiness show along with my other feelings. But in public, I can’t. I can’t cry at school.
In kinder-garden, we have recess, lunch, and then go home. Well, it was one recess when I fell. I skidded across the blacktop on my knee. My pants were ripped, but my knee was even worst than my pants. As I told you before, I couldn’t cry at school so I picked myself up. I lifted my pant leg and started limping towards the teacher. My wound was deep and took up most of my small knee. It was bleeding and every few steps, I left a drop of blood. The other children stared and whispered about me, but I took no notice. My kinder-garden teacher looked as if she was in shock. Then, I went up to her and said, “Can I have a band-aid?”
I learned something looking back on that day. I learned that the reason I didn’t cry was to not make a fool of myself. I didn’t do that to be brave. From that day, I learned that how shy you are changes everything. Most of all, I learned that shyness controls you and makes you seem brave or scared when your not. In many ways, shy is both good and bad.